Our Most Economical  Commercial Cardboard Shredder……… Cushion Pack© CP316  Series 2 + makes soft, cushioning material.

It turns your waste cardboard into a soft flexible packing.  Stop buying peanuts or bubble wrap and SAVE thousands,  and SAVE on dumpster cost by recycling your cardboard.

Several versions available to fis your needs.  120v, 208 voltage, 240 voltage, or 480 voltage with 24VAC low voltage control system .

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Loading length – cardboard size: Endless
Cutting width of shredder cylinders: 12 3/5”
Cardboard thickness: Up to 0.33″ thickness
Production output: 1 – 2 cubic yards per hour
Throughput rate: 26 feet per minute
Motor Capacity: 1.0 kW motor
Power supply: 115V, 60 Hz, 1 Phase
Machine Dimensions: 26” length x 26” width x 38.5” height
Machine Weight: 220 pounds
Rotary Knob to Control On/Off and Reverse Functions: Yes