Cuts through cardboard almost an INCH THICK!!!!              The Cushion Pack © CP440 Series 2 + High Capacity Corrugated Shredder is designed for shredding cardboard and cardboard box material to produce excellent packaging material. The most robust cardboard shredder in the industry, the AABES Cushion Pack © CP440 Series 2 + is ideal for processing stiff and thick cardboard boxes.  Green is Clean (And Always Has Been!) Green & Eco-Friendly…The Cushion Pack Shredders give you the opportunity to  jump on board with the latest and best technology in cardboard packaging. The Cushion Pack Shredders are world leaders…turn regular cardboard into green, friendly cost-effective packaging. Capable of processing newspaper and other paper materials into soft cushioning and packaging materials. The industrial cardboard shredder is the cost effective, economical approaching to cushioning your heavy or expensive packages. Also available in 480 volt with heavy duty gear box.

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Loading width – cardboard size: Endless
Cutting width of cardboard : 16.9”
Cardboard thickness: Up to 0.9″ thickness
Production output: 6 – 10 cubic yards per hour
Throughput rate: 52 feet per minute
Motor Capacity: 4.0 kw motor
Power supply: 240V, 60 Hz, 3 Phase Also available in 480 volt with heavy duty gear box.
Machine Dimensions: 31” length x 30” width x 43” height
Machine Weight: 755 pounds
Push Button Control Start/Stop and Reverse Functions: Yes
Push Button Reset Feature: Yes
Create Two Types of Material: Adjustable to make flat sheets or pre-cushioned material – A Cushion Pack Exclusive!
Best in class, high density, high strength steel chain with heavy duty industrial strength gear box.