HSM ProfiPack 400

The HSM ProfiPack 400 and 425 cardboard shredders are the ideal solutions for all dispatching and warehouse areas. They instantly convert the bulky used cardboard packaging of goods delivered to you into versatile and, most importantly, free packaging material.
  • Powerful worktop machine with a compact size; portable and flexible in use
  • Thermal fuse protects the motor from overheating
  • On / Off and Reverse rocker switch for easy operation
  • AC power connection

             Cost $2,605.00   Please Call for shipping and local taxes.  704-489-0109


While using the HSM 400, I noticed a big advantage.  You do not have to pre-cut the sheet of cardboard and then shred. It will do it for you while you shred. This saves time. It shreds one layer of cardboard at a time, into a 16 inch wide piece and the length of the cardboard.  It pulls it through quickly, about 30 ft. per minute.

Doug, theshredderman